What about Used Products?

On this page you will find some more information regarding Used Products. We are a franchise organization that specializes in the purchase and sale of sustainable second-hand products. We also offer our customers a unique service, whereby customers can buy back sustainable used products they have sold to us. Customers in temporary need of cash can sell us products with the option to purchase them back, also known as pawning.
In the Netherlands there are currently 53 shops, in Belgium 6 and 1 in Spain. In September the first shop will open in Austria.


Used Products shops have a separate purchasing area where you can offer your products for sale. We evaluate the products and test the devices, if necessary. The products customers offer must be clean and properly working, the costumers must be 18 years or older and be able to identify themselves through passport, driving license or ID card.
Some of the products we buy are: smartphones, audio, DVD players, games, tools, (gold) jewelry, watches, computers, televisions, musical instruments, DVDs, household items, bicycles, scooters, cameras, laptops, mobile phones, telecommunications and so on.


In the Used Products webshop and in our shops we sell a wide range of products with warranty.
Products we sell: image- and sound carrier, bicycles, scooters, (photo)cameras, tools, GSM / telecommunication, musical instruments, navigation, sound systems, vehicles, jewelry, watches, TV / monitors and so on.
Our shops are different than other second hand shops. We have clean and organized showrooms where it’s hard to see the difference between new and second hand products. Our goal is to sell good products for even better prices!


We also offer another service for the costumers. Whereby we buy the product and the costumer has two months to repurchase their own product. So if you are not sure if you want to sell your products or if you are in a need for quick cash but don’t want to lose your products, this is the ultimate solution!


In our shops it’s possible to swap your products for newer ones. So you have an Iphone 4 but you want an Iphone 5, what do you do? You go to Used Products, take your Iphone 4 and you will only have to pay a little extra for the Iphone 5!
Almost everyone still has products that can be of value for someone else. Not only are most of these products still worth money; you also prove our environment a favor!

Drop – off

You can also sell on consignment in a Used Products shop. This means that we will sell your product and you will receive the money as soon as it is sold. The trained employees of Used Products will give you professional advice about the selling price. Our staff has extensive knowledge of the second hand market, so if you are not in a hurry and you do not need the cash immediately this service could be the perfect solution.
Questions or comments?

You can email the Dutch customer service: