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Used Products was established in 1997 and is active, with branches throughout the Netherlands in almost all product groups on the second-hand market. As a recognized member of the Dutch Franchise Association, we offer you the opportunity as franchisee of Used Products and be part of a fast growing business in a fast growing second hand market.

The successful franchise organization was founded in 1997 and is present in almost all productgroups of the market for second-hand products. Used products buys and sells: smartphones, audio, DVD players, games, game consoles, tools, golden jewellery, watches, computers, televisions, musicinstruments, DVDs, household products, bicycles, scooters, cameras, laptops, tablets, gold and much more. In addition, we oer our customers a unique service allowing them to buy back their durably used products. Someone who is in temporary need of cash, sells his or her product with the possibility of buying this product back. In the Netherlands, we have been growing consistently for several years, but Used Products is also making headway abroad. In Belgium, Spain and Austria we have successfully opened our rst shops and we are looking for candidates in other countries who wish to operate the Master license for that country or who wish to open a store.

Excellent guidance

You will be instructed, coached and given an internal training to ensure an excellent future for you as a self-employed person. For further information you can contact us during office hours at:

Used Products Franchise BV

Adress: Dampad 3a Zaandam

Telephonenumber: (+31)075-6151575

Mobile: (+31) 06-45440207
These numbers are only for questions about the franchise forumula! 




Used Products, as a recognized member of the Dutch Franchise Association since 1997, has been tested and proved to be successful. Thereby indicating a low business risk giving the franchisee an immediate and significant lead.

new locations

We are looking for entrepreneurs who want to open a new establishment together with us in the following dutch towns:

Assen, Bergen op Zoom, Capelle a/d IJssel, Doetichem, Harderwijk, Helmond, Hoogeveen, Katwijk, Maarssen, Middelburg, Nieuwegein, Oosterhout, Roosendaal, Venray, Weert, Zutphen,

but also: Luik, Berlijn, Barcelona , Munchen en Warschau, Oslo, Stockholm, Athene, Rome, Parijs, Lissabon, Boekarest, Moskou, etc

Do you have a suggestion or a question about  a location?

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