“I have always been well served at Used Products, as result of which I have been a regular customer for many years. The fact that I can remain owner of my own property really appeals to me and I regularly deposit jewelry that I can do without for a short time. Recently I bought a really nice TV at Used Products and on top of that I got a discount when I handed in my old TV.”

“John, 24, Amsterdam”

“I have become quite familiar with the Used Products formula in the last three years. I needed a good laptop for my work and I bought one for a very reasonable price. Even when I moved, I could sell a lot of things that I no longer needed. I was paid in cash immediately and the same day I bought a lot of things for my new house.”

” Suzanne, 21, Den Haag”

“In these times my financial situation is not getting any better and I regularly pawn things. When I get my salary at the end of the month I go and pay what is owing and pick up my things. it’s as simple as that. Furthermore, it is a pleasant shop and there are many unique products that you do not often see.
What I like about it is the fact that it’s a physical shop, which gives me more certainty.”

“Ali, 26, Amsterdam”