Buy back

Used Products shops have a separate purchasing area where you can offer your products  for  sale or  use the redemption option. We evaluate the products and test the devices, if necessary.


USED PRODUCTS, hereinafter referred to as UP, has purchased the product from the client/seller as described in the special terms and conditions.

The client / seller declares that he/she is in lawful possession of the product, authorised to sell it and in the case of software being part of the product, that the same software is legal, whether it is installed or not installed.

UP binds itself during a period of 2 months, going into effect immediately after signing the special terms, that the product bought by UP from the client / vendor shall be kept in good condition and not sold to a third party.

Under the retention obligation of UP is a “Best Efforts” obligation and in the case of damage or loss

UP can only be held responsible if it is proven that UP did not act as a reasonable, competent and prudent custodian.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age and be fully authorised to sell the moveable goods concerned.
  • You require a valid Identification Document, without which we can not accept any products\
  • Only the client / vendor is authorised to collect the product.
  • The collection must take place within the set period of 2 months.
  • The repurchase fee consists of the amount of your loan and additional costs for storage
  • The products delivered must be complete and in good working order.

You will receive the amount agreed upon immediately in cash.